Australian Child Care Service Lists


A comprehensive generic list of Australian Childcare Services providing thousands of business contacts around Australia including pre-schools, kindergartens and childcare centres nationwide.

Suitable for direct marketing, mailing, faxing emailing and telemarketing:

  • Child Care - Long Day Care

  • Preschools - Kindergarten Centres

  • Before School Care

  • After School Care

  • Family Day Care and In Home Care

  • Family Occasional Vacation Care

Child Care Package - 21,527 Centres

Early ChildHood Education - 16,021 Centres
          Special  AU $695.00 incl

Including further support data:

​Early Childhood Education Child Care Approved Centres
ALL 6 Child Care categories as shown above – 16,021 Centres - Names I Addresses I Email contacts


  • ACT - Early Childhood Education Childcare Centre Data – 362

  • NSW - Early Childhood Education Childcare Centre Data – 5550

  • NT - Early Childhood Education Childcare Centre Data – 223

  • QLD - Early Childhood Education Childcare Centre Data – 2999

  • SA - Early Childhood Education Childcare Centre Data – 1207

  • TAS - Early Childhood Education Childcare Centre Data – 226

  • VIC - Early Childhood Education Childcare Centre Data – 4,234

  • WA - Early Childhood Education Childcare Centre Data – 1,224


​​​New Zealand Early Childhood Education Child Care Centres
Including Child Care categories – 4,693 Centres - Names I Addresses I Email contacts

  • Child Care - Long Day Care

  • Preschools - Kindergartens

  • Before School Care I After School Care

  • Play Centres I Education & Care

  • Family Day Care and In Home Care          


 NZ Child Care Package – 4,693 Centres              Special  AU $295.00 incl

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